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Welcome to the subDominants

Critical acclaim

During their all-too-brief time in the spotlight, the SubDominants were hailed by music critics everywhere as,"NYC's best kept secret". With their eclectic blend of musical styles ranging from the Beatles to the Sex Pistols, the SubDominants' songs often lulled the listener into a fault sense of security before grabbing them by the throat and going for the jugular.

Their epic live performances reached a zenith on June 19, 2006, with a blistering performance at the legendary CBGB club, that Rolling Stone magazine described as, "Fucking awesome! " It was on that fateful night that guitar-God, Dr. Stu, performed 'Going Postal' in public for the very first time. As the ominous opening chords rung out across the darkened room, those of us lucky enough to be present that night knew we we witnessing something special. By the time Dr. Stu had ripped through the final notes of the song's closing guitar solo, the audience were left dumbstruck - momentary stunned into silence - before regaining their senses and erupting into thunderous applause.

"Dr. Stu was amazing", recalled Andy Fastbender, reporter from Britain's Melody Maker. "Going Postal brought the roof down! No wonder they had to close down CBGB's down shortly afterwards. I mean, who could possible top that performance!"

But just as the band stood on the brink of global recognition, fans and music critics alike were dismayed to learn of the the group's decision to go their separate ways.

The subDominants may be no longer be around but they will never be forgotten. Their music still lives on in the hearts and memories of their many fans.

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